A few 2017 snapshots

20 March 2017

So 2016 flew by in a blur and we didn’t take the time to document all the activity and mayhem. 2017’s harvest seems to have sped by even faster but we managed to capture a few snapshots of some sunrise picks and our grapes undergoing their wonderful alchemy in the cellar that we love being part of. Thank you to an amazing team who helped this incredible harvest go so smoothly! 2017 was a special one.

TDHarv17_blog_0001 TDHarv17_blog_0002 TDHarv17_blog_0003 TDHarv17_blog_0004 TDHarv17_blog_0005 TDHarv17_blog_0006 TDHarv17_blog_0007 TDHarv17_blog_0008 TDHarv17_blog_0009 TDHarv17_blog_0010 TDHarv17_blog_0011 TDHarv17_blog_0012 TDHarv17_blog_0013 TDHarv17_blog_0014 TDHarv17_blog_0016 TDHarv17_blog_0017 TDHarv17_blog_0018 TDHarv17_blog_0019 TDHarv17_blog_0020 TDHarv17_blog_0021 TDHarv17_blog_0022 TDHarv17_blog_0023 TDHarv17_blog_0024 TDHarv17_blog_0025 TDHarv17_blog_0026 TDHarv17_blog_0027 TDHarv17_blog_0028 TDHarv17_blog_0029 TDHarv17_blog_0030 TDHarv17_blog_0031 TDHarv17_blog_0032 TDHarv17_blog_0034 TDHarv17_blog_0035 TDHarv17_blog_0035b TDHarv17_blog_0037 TDHarv17_blog_0038 TDHarv17_blog_0039 TDHarv17_blog_0039b TDHarv17_blog_0040 TDHarv17_blog_0041 TDHarv17_blog_0042 TDHarv17_blog_0043 TDHarv17_blog_0044 TDHarv17_blog_0045 TDHarv17_blog_0046 TDHarv17_blog_0047 TDHarv17_blog_0048 TDHarv17_blog_0049 TDHarv17_blog_0050 TDHarv17_blog_0051 TDHarv17_blog_0053 TDHarv17_blog_0054 TDHarv17_blog_0055 TDHarv17_blog_0055b

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