Cape Wine 2015

20 September 2015

We have just finished a mad week in Cape Town at Cape Wine 2015 where the SA wine industry gets together every 3 years to showcase our wines and welcome visitors from all over the world. There’s a buzz and a palpable energy in the South African wine industry at the moment as it undergoes a radical leap in quality and diversity. It’s an exciting time to be making wine here, and I am privileged to be doing so.

A small group of us banded together to form ‘The Zoo Biscuits‘ – a collective of young, independent wine producers from all over the Cape. Once more, I feel very priviliged to stand amongst producers like Craven Wines, Blackwater Wines, JH Meyer, Fram, Trizanne Barnard, Crystallum, Alheit Vineyards, Savage, and Momento, and talk about what is going on with SA’s young wine producers today. What an amazing bunch of people and what a great lineup of wines.

We were generously hosted by Alex Milner at the stunningly beautiful historic farm Natte Valleij where Alex is reviving the cellar and producing some electric wines from Cinsault and Muscat. Visitors to our Young and the Restless event at Natte Valleij were able to sample wines from Cape Rock, Elemental Bob, Natte Valleij, Hogan Wines, Fledge & Co, B Vintners, Chevallerie Vonkelwijn, Rall Wines, Silvervis/Terra Cura, and Tim Martin Wines.

Anyone who has dipped their toes into the Cape Town wine scene will most certainly know of Mr David Cope of Publik and Alphabetical fame. We were delighted to be able to take over Cape Town’s hippest wine bar for the evening to host a deluge of international visitors, with street food by Matthew Freemantle and the Mucho Gusto crew.

And now off to London for The New Wave SA in Soho!

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  1. Cape Wine 2015 | Publik Wine.

    […] If you think wine folk don’t know how to party, think again. Winemakers, international journalists and other guests got stuck into the wines and specially-brewed Zoo Bru ale until well into the early hours of the next morning. See for yourself in these great pics below taken by Tasha Seccombe. See her full Cape Wine gallery here. […]

  2. Sebastian Hett

    Love your blog, the pictures and the people in your friendship, Peter-Allen, Donovan Rall.
    Greets from Germany
    Is winescouts your only distributer in Germany?


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