Harvest 2015 in photos

23 February 2015

The 2015 harvest has been bruising in that it has been incredibly early and incredibly compressed. Given that it is such an unbelievably high quality harvest, the biggest challenge has been to get all of this incredible fruit into the cellar at the right time. The wailing and gnashing of teeth, the blood, sweat and tears are all past, and we have had a little time to taste through our barrels and marvel at what has been achieved this year. 2015 is going to be a real classic!td_harvest2015_blog_0001 td_harvest2015_blog_0002 td_harvest2015_blog_0003 td_harvest2015_blog_0004 td_harvest2015_blog_0005 td_harvest2015_blog_0005a td_harvest2015_blog_0005c td_harvest2015_blog_0005d td_harvest2015_blog_0005da td_harvest2015_blog_0005e td_harvest2015_blog_0006 td_harvest2015_blog_0007 td_harvest2015_blog_0007b td_harvest2015_blog_0007c td_harvest2015_blog_0008 td_harvest2015_blog_0010 td_harvest2015_blog_0011 td_harvest2015_blog_0012 td_harvest2015_blog_0012b td_harvest2015_blog_0013 td_harvest2015_blog_0015 td_harvest2015_blog_0015b td_harvest2015_blog_0015c td_harvest2015_blog_0021 td_harvest2015_blog_0022 td_harvest2015_blog_0022a td_harvest2015_blog_0023 td_harvest2015_blog_0023b td_harvest2015_blog_0024 td_harvest2015_blog_0025 td_harvest2015_blog_0025b td_harvest2015_blog_0026 td_harvest2015_blog_0027 td_harvest2015_blog_0028 td_harvest2015_blog_0029 td_harvest2015_blog_0031 td_harvest2015_blog_0032 td_harvest2015_blog_0033 td_harvest2015_blog_0034 td_harvest2015_blog_0035 td_harvest2015_blog_0036 td_harvest2015_blog_0036b td_harvest2015_blog_0037 td_harvest2015_blog_0037a td_harvest2015_blog_37b td_harvest2015_blog_0037ba td_harvest2015_blog_0037c td_harvest2015_blog_0038 td_harvest2015_blog_0039 td_harvest2015_blog_0040 td_harvest2015_blog_0041 td_harvest2015_blog_041a td_harvest2015_blog_0041b td_harvest2015_blog_0042 td_harvest2015_blog_0043 td_harvest2015_blog_0043b td_harvest2015_blog_0044 td_harvest2015_blog_0045 td_harvest2015_blog_0046

10 Responses to “Harvest 2015 in photos”

  1. Lauren

    beautiful pictures of a process made with love in a wonderful place

  2. Kusjka

    Absolutely beautiful.

    • John

      Thanks, Kuskjka! Glad you liked it. (And sorry for taking so long to reply!)

  3. Neil

    Dear John,
    Any Semillon Gris produced in 2015???

  4. travis

    Really lovely pics. I’m from cape town and wanting to study at plumton college where you are on there appendix as a wine maker. Thinking of studying there been to see the college but when I get back home I will definitely come see your vineyards. Was it any good?
    sincerely Travis

    • John

      Hi Travis, I had a good time at Plumpton. There’s everything there that you could need to become a world class winemaker and you have the advantage of being able to taste wines from all over the world.

  5. Lindie

    Absolutely stunning!


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