Releasing the 2015s

15 June 2016

On Monday 13 June we hosted a small get-together at Neil Grant’s Burrata restaurant at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town to mark the release of our 2015 vintage wines. It was great to spend time with such a  lovely crowd of wine people, and even better to have an excuse to share a glass of wine and a few slices of some of the best pizza in Cape Town.

2015 was a great vintage to be making wine in South Africa, and we are extremely happy with the wines that we have produced. This year sees the release of the third vintage of Rocking Horse Cape White Blend, the return of the Tin Soldier Semillon gris, and our newest wine Paper Kite which is from a very old Semillon blanc vineyard in Franschhoek. We’re really chuffed about the review that Christian Eedes published on the launch, as the history of this vineyard is something special.


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2 Responses to “Releasing the 2015s”

  1. Willem von Willich

    Life’s really tough – and then you have to drink wine for a living! Congratulations!!! See you today.

  2. Willem von Willich

    Life’s really tough – and to top it all you have to drink wine for a living! (I couldn’t moderate it more.) Congratulations!!! See you today.


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